Tiramisu for two?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ok to start off my 'blog' I want to share my new favorite dessert recipe - the original serves 10 to 12 . (Published November 1, 2007. From Cook's Illustrated.)

I made this the first week we were married - and it was a blast... even in the 85 degree heat of our home (the air conditioning was/is broken). The recipe had photos and step-by-step instructions (see links below) and it turned out beautifully even with my last minute substitutions (no espresso, and amaretto instead of rum)

The result was a heaping 13 x 9 pan of heaven that my husband (Jordan) refused to share with his parents or mine. He didn't think it was appropriate for the church pitch-in, so he was going to finish it himself! It took a week and half and he came really close -- but I finally insisted on tossing it out before we left on our honeymoon.

It was really a nice dish -- and I can't wait to make it again, but this time much smaller and with hot chocolate instead of coffee. Maybe this weekend (I'l be sure to take photos this time!!)

I have a Cooks Illustrated online subscription - they have some amazing dishes. It is $35 dollars a year for access to the online site and magazine archive - on sale until July 7th for 17 bucks! http://tiny.cc/cooksill

But for now -- visit this link http://tiny.cc/tiramisu to view the full recipe. Sketches, video, tips, and all.

I have made a few modifications to the measurements so that it serves just 2-3 people, and added some substitutions below to make it easier to cut the recipe down to size.


3/4cups strong black coffee (hot chocolate) , room temperature
1teaspoon instant espresso powder (I skipped this step)
2 1/2tablespoons dark rum (amaretto)
2large egg yolks
3tablespoons sugar
1/16teaspoon table salt (pinch)
6ounces mascarpone cheese
3tablespoons heavy cream (cold)
3 1/2ounces ladyfingers (10 to 15, depending on size 1/2 pkg)
1tablespoon cocoa , preferably Dutch-processed
1tablespoon semisweet or bittersweet chocolate , grated (optional)

INSTRUCTIONS - http://tiny.cc/tiramisu


Stacy said...

Love the idea for subbing out the coffee for hot chocolate! :)

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