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Thursday, January 27, 2011

So, this month has been a whirlwind - and I have sincerely slacked at posting. It is late, I'm tired, but I wanted to attempt to post SOMETHING this month of value ... so here it goes

This dish is light, yummy, and has a bit of texture I think is caused by the eggs. But, all around a nice balanced mousse that satisfies that desire for decadent chocolate and rich texture. The recipe link above will make three small Pyrex containers.

We made this for a last minute little dinner party. It fed six, and these were the left overs. We substituted the veggies. It was delicious, cost under $40, could have fed 8, AND took less than an hour to make.

A dear friend is getting married and as a bridesmaid I thought I'd pitch in and make something for her bridal shower. This is a photo of my cubed pound cake. I made two - and they turned out beautiful - with a nice crust on the top and all. (should have taken a photo) We used the cubes for dipping in a chocolate fountain, at least that was the plan - it turned into a crock pot when the fountain didn't work ;)

Half done, the batter tasted AMAZING. I can't wait to top these tomorrow after a LONG week and enjoy them with an amazing friend (and my husband too) The ramekins are a recent purchase using a Crate & Barrel card from another good friend, thank you Ashley - I was able to get all sorts of sizes, jars, etc with your fantastic gift. (hopefully you read this shout out)

Night :)

Cooking up a storm....

Monday, January 10, 2011

This past weekend I made the following

Chinese-Style Chicken Skewers with Hoisin-Sesame Dipping Sauce
Coconut Shrimp
Enchiladas Verdas (x2)
Chili Fixings for Slow Cooker
Classic Stuffed Pepper Fixings
Berry's & Cream (once with Cool Whip and Once with the real thing)
Eggs Benedict over Jowl Bacon

I have also competed the second week of 'meal' planning with my Uncle Dave and thought I'd share the worksheets i'm using.  Week 1 & Week 2

Last week the Soups were not made and the Turkey was never purchased but we (Uncle Dave, Mom, & I) all made an honest effort. This week I've prepped everything but the peppers for chili & I'm returning tonight to take care it... So Mom & Dave need only to use the slow cooker and warm up prepared meals for the rest of the week. To make sure things were heart healthy we are using Laura's Lean Ground Beef (on sale at both Target & Marsh) it has less sodium than the turkey and Uncle Dave will eat it. We are also adding in some poultry with chicken REALLY well cooked because mom and Uncle Dave both like texture (aka over cooked chicken) Also, when a recipe calls for salt, or cheese, or any other ingredient full of sodium, we are not using it (salt) or using low sodium/organic main brand substitute. WARNING low sodium store brands are FULL of sodium and are not good choices.

Here are some photos -- and I promise recipe links for those missing above sometime later this week.

Manic Monday - Food Edition?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I have been following this amazing blogger for a few years now - http://www.asleepundermydesk.blogspot.com/

She does a "Manic Monday" post where she blogs little did bits about her day, etc. So here we go with a little Manic Monday of my own.

Runts are delicious, and I don't know which Christmas Elf brought in the candy cane filled with them, but I have made about 10 trips to the snack table, and it is now empty - Thank you.

Did you know that O'charley's puts a salt liquid on their broccoli giving it more sodium than their Salmon? And, that a McDonald's Filet-O-Fish and Small Fry has less sodium than most 6-inch subs @ Subway? Check out this great app Unifed Lifestyle - Restaurants and check the facts for yourself.

Oh and those of you dieting to start the new year - watch out for Sodium loaded low-fat products they may have less calories but can really screw with your body. Better to go with a balanced portion of the real stuff. (it tastes better too)

Noticing the serious Low-sodium kick I'm on today. Well I've been working with my Uncle to figure out what he can and can not have post heart attack. So, look forward to some low-salt takes on recipes in the near future.

And, my husband went grocery shopping this weekend for me - only spent 38 bucks. I think it is AMAZING we 'save' on our grocery budget & I get to stay home.

My shoulder hurts from attempting to do push-ups. I can do a solid 10 and then I'm toast. My goal is 50 a day. . . we shall see.

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